AERCG African American Doctor For Africa (AADOFA) Program



AADOFA has been initiated for the first time in the history of the African-American community in the US and the native African expartriates residing in the us to facilitate the progress in African continent via voluntary medical and health capacity building in Africa through the assistances of professional medical practitioners in the global African-American community in the United States.


AADOFA stands committed to the goal of attaining an optimal  level of health standard that will permit the people of Africa to improve their social and economically productive life. 


AADOFA stands to help erradicate the poor health conditions of children, women and the most high risk and vulnerable person(s) in marginalized communities in Africa.


AADOFA stands to low the mortality rate in children and provide technology transfer to assist hosipital and improve the health delivery systems  in Africa.


AADOFA provides an annual trip and routine oversight trip to out-post activities in communities in Africa.


AADOFA provides a voluntary assessments and feasibility studies that leads to providing specific medical and clinical interventions. Such activities are intended to reduce disease risk, treat illness, or palliate the consequences of disease and disability

We from the African diaspora residing in the United States cannot turn our backs to the massive suffering  of marginalized communities in Africa. Under the leadership of Chairman Peter A. Sam and Mayor Emmanuel Cleaver, we have henceforth initiated the first AADOFA trip to Ghana, West Africa in March of 1998.


We believe that a sound approach to development must be holistic and must be built and sound environmental management,  The AADOFA program is a humanitarian program that promotes  the principles of Sustainable Development.  We believe that good health especially for women and children in Africa is a solid foundation for building capacity & sustainable development. Therefore AADOFA provides voluntary medical services to Africa on an annual basis in concert with developing trade and commence between American and the African communities.  The linkages between sound economy, balance nutrition, health workforce, productivity, nutrition, environment and development all imply that a better living condition and economic growth must reflect a healthy population. Sound environmental management and adequate health services are basis for creating a healthy population. A health population is a building block for sound economy, healthy workforce and sustainable environment.


Please sign up and register as a member of AADOFA. Your contributions will assist in our efforts to improve the health conditions, lower fertility, stabilized population growth, develop market economies and trade within the American and African communities and to protect the African environment.


If you have any questions pertaining to this matter please contact the staff persons at AERCG/IVa at (816) 861-6186, attaintions to Ms. Emmonia Barnett, Administrative Coordinator/ Ms. Futura Jackson, AADOFA Administrator.


On behalf of the entire membership of AERCG and the Board Members, the Advisory Board Members of AADOFA, the Mayor Emmanuel Cleaver we salute you, and thank to all of you in advance.  God Bless.


AADOFA Advisory Board Members


NAME                                                     SIGNATURE


Dr. Mike  L. Weaver                                          ____________________


Dr. Jasper Fullard, Jr.                                           ____________________                                           


Dr. Daniel Daniels                                                ____________________


Dr. Herman Wadson                                            ____________________


Dr. Peter A. Sam                                   ____________________














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