Faith Base Initiative to Africa Program


Contact: Pastor Shirley Summers

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               Lee Summit, Missouri 64063

               Phone: 816-525-0198 or 816-525-4912


               Dr. Peter A. Sam, Chairman


               14912 Walmer Street

               Overland Park, KS 66223

               Phone/Fax: 913-897-6132


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Faith Community Delegation Trip To Ghana, West Africa In Conjunction With the African Environmental Research Consortium (AERCG) & the African-African-American Summit


On May 11, 1999 at 10 a.m. the Faith Community delegates and the AERCG will hold a Press Conference at HIS Glorious Church in Lee Summit to discuss their Mission to Ghana as part of an annual Mission trip undertaken by AERCG. This year the Mission is in part with the African-African American Summit to be held in Ghana, West Africa.


The AERCG and HIS Glorious Church in the past have joined hands with the African American Doctors for African Program and the AERCG Trade & Humanitarian Program to African countries. The faith community have been part and parcel of spiritual and humanitarian assistance to African countries and have contributed to the AERCG=s Eco-City Sustainable Development Pilot Program at Mount Herob in Mamfe Akawpim, Ghana. This project is designed to provide a sustainable development by providing shelter, food, hospital, clean drinking water, waste-to-energy programs, environmental education, women health capacity building, micro-enterprise assistance and development for marginalized people and creating an empowerment zone concept to assist poor people in villages. The faith community provides spiritual empowerment and many assistance to the people including children education and spiritual Christian teachings.


The Faith community delegates depart from Kansas City on May 12, 1999 and are going with tons of clothing, toys, books and to stage a concert. The Faith delegation is led by Pastor Shirley Summers and Peter A. Sam, Chairman of AERCG.


For Further Information Please Contact Pastor Shirley Summers or the AERCG at 913-897-6132.