Core Programs

AERCG Global Headquarters
14912 Walmer Street
Overland Park, Kansas 66223
Phone #:913/897-6132
Fax # :913/891-6132
Enviro. Technology Exports Website: WWW.AFRICAENVIROTECH.COM

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The African Environmental Research & Consulting Group (AERCG) is an IRS 501 (c)(3) organization with its global headquarter in Kansas City and regional offices in Africa. The organization consists of native African expatriates who are professional scientist, engineers, environmentalist, developers, educators, economist and health professionals. The organization also consists of members who are sympathizers from global nationalists and ethnicity. AERCG approaches builds upon the positive synergies that lay between environmental /natural resources management, economic development and human capacity development. AERCG priorities have been in the Abrown@ environmental issues and the issues that lies within the framework of Rural and Urban Environmental Inter-linkages. Furthermore, AERCG undertakes multi-sectorial sustainable development activities in Africa

Humanitarian Initiatives: AERCG has developed a Program called African-American Doctors For Africa (AADOFA). The program brings together African-American medical practitioners and others from other ethnicity to provide short-term medical intervention and a long-term program on medical research and human health capacity building in African countries. The program was initiated and implemented with the first mission to Ghana in March 1998. This program is an ongoing annual mission to African countries.

Trade And Commerce Program: AERCG has developed a Trade Program which is part and parcel of AERCG=s Sustainable Development initiatives in tackling the root causes of socio-economic, environmental and human health in marginalized communities in Africa. The program was first unveiled and implemented to Ghana in April 1998. This program is an ongoing annual mission to African countries.

Women Program: AERCG developed a Program for an holistic women program for African communities. This program was unveiled in March 1998 for Ghana. The program includes women=s health, socio-political, economic, environmental management, education and empowerment. The program designed components have been designed and grants are being solicited for implementation jointly with the government of Ghana and in-country grassroots women's organizations.

Mount Herob Ecological City & Enviro-Spirituality Project: This program has been unveiled by AERCG as a test pilot program for the first time in the history of the continent. The program is a partnership efforts with the Camp Herob community located in the mountains of Memfe Akwepim, Ghana. This program is underscored by the positive synergies that reside in socio-economic development, eradication of poverty and famine, eradication of literacy and environmental and natural resources management. This comprehensive program provides micro-enterprise and small scale economic programs, mass environmental education and awareness, job training programs, shelter and housing, sustainable agriculture and productivity, biodiversity and forestry preservation programs.

US-AFRICAEP Program: AERCG jointly with the University Of Mass-Lowell developed the US-Africa Environmental Partnership Program. The elements of this program includes but not limited to the following sub-programs:

- US Technology and African Environmental Database Gathering For Technology Matching;
- Development of Environmental Technical Guidance Manuals And Course Materials For Africa;
- Lectureship Exchange Program with Mayor Universities in US and Africa
- Facilitation Program from US-AFRICA collaborative Environmental Technology Development;
- Support Services For US Technology Vendors in Africa
- Information Dissemination And Public Enlightenment Program in US and Africa;
- Voluntary Environmental Impact Assessment Program for Infrastructure Development Initiatives In African Communities;
- Annual Summit And Conference Planning.

US Environmental Technologies Exports Program: AERCG has developed a worldwide website to facilitate the introduction of US Environmental technologies and other technologies to African countries. The Website is still under development and resides at:

The site is soliciting US environmental technologies manufacturers and consulting firms to place their profile and portfolios on the site by contacting AERCG.

Drinking Water & Ground Water For Africa Program: In 1995 AERCG unveiled its assistance water resources management program and provided training and wells construction for poor communities. The program is still in its initial design stages.

NGOs Technical Assistance Program: In 1994, AERCG begun registration of grass-roots organizations and NGOs in Africa to provide them upon their request free technical assistance. As of toady AERCG has over 50 NGOs registered in this program and they are represented in many countries in Africa.

Technical Review Program: AERCG=s technical review program provides voluntary review of technical papers, projects for International Agencies, governments and the private sectors. AERCG has reviewed document for agencies such as the African Development Foundation, the Ghana Ministry Of Environment for their in-country NEAPs and many others.

Public Safety Program: AERCG have established a Firefighters for Africa Program to combat random fires and floods in marginalized communities in Africa. The Program is a partnership initiatives between the Black fire-fighters Association of Greater Kansas City and AERCG. The first Mission was to Ghana in March 1998. The program includes several components such as training-the-training program, exchange program, donation of fire-fighting equipments and clothing and educations.

Research And Project Proposals And Initiatives:

Guidelines for the Design and Operation Of Septic Tank systems in African Municipalities
Development Of Environmental Impact Assessment Guidelines For Industrial Projects in Africa
Siting and Design Guidelines for Appropriate Technology Landfills in Sub-Saharan Africa
Watershed Protection Project in Central Sub-Saharan Africa
Development of a Model Environmental training Program for Environmental Institutions of Higher learning In Sub-Saharan Africa.
Inter-Connectivity Children Environmental Training & Research Program Established Jointly with J.S. Chick Elementary School (An African-American Centered School, KC, Missouri, USA) and Primary Schools in Sub-Saharan African Countries.